Automatic Rabbit Cage System

The automatic rabbit cage system is an ideal choice for modern rabbit breeding. Ordinary domestic and small-scale breeding do not require a lot of manpower and time. However, for medium and large rabbit farms, artificial feeding requires a lot of time and more manpower. At this time, using an automatic rabbit cage system can improve the efficiency of the farmer and the productivity of rabbits.

Our automatic rabbit cage system integrates automatic feeder, water feeder, manure removal system, etc.

The types of rabbit cage:

  • Cage size:2.4*2.1*1.54m
  • Weight: 100kg/set
  • Surface treatment: hot galvanized
  • Capacity:12 mother rabbit and grower rabbits

What accessories are included ?

Water system: including the water tank, pipe and drinkers

Feeder: The feeders have 10 and 13.5cm.

Footboard: footboard size is 50*50cm

Manure tray: one long piece of vinyon,0.7m wide, just unfold and place on the slope of the cage.

Automated rabbit cage and accessories

Internal box: The box for giving birth to baby rabbit

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